Don’t Desert Your Kitchen Island This Holiday Season

The formal dining room is not as prevalent in today’s household as it once was. The average Jane has elected to forgo the formal dining space as square footage and spare time are at a premium. Kitchen islands now serve the best of both worlds. They not only serve as the hub for cooking, but for eating as well. So why neglect this space during the holiday season?

As moms, if we’re being honest, we fancify the dining room table each holiday season to not only be pleasing to the eye but also to lay the foundation for the enjoyment of the meal and fellowship to come. However, we send the kids to eat at the kitchen island that may not possess similar aesthetics. Do they not deserve to have a space to dine with a fun-filled holiday vibe as well?

No need to go on a shopping spree. Unless you want to, of course! Simply pull together a few items that you already have in your possession, just as I have. My son and daughter tend to exchange words centered around what belongs to whom. Hence, the Mickey and Minnie plates. I simply took those to identify their specific place setting in lieu of place cards when setting up our kitchen island.

Additionally, I stuffed my Peters Pottery with extra beaded garland and supplemented it with simple, holiday accents and fresh flowers then placed on the kitchen island for that extra element of design.

During this holiday season, my kiddos have a space to eat pancakes on Sundays or celebrate the joy this season brings. The best part? It is an easy set-up to clean-up and refresh.

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Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is the owner of Chairity, LLC where she creates luxury tablescape designs for intimate social gatherings. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Tougaloo College and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Jackson State University. Through her work with several organizations, Ashley has passionately served her community. Her active membership in service driven organizations, such as Junior League of Jackson, help her fulfill this commitment. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, frequenting wine tastings, and spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband, Ahmad, are the proud parents of a daughter, Malia and son, Adwin.