Mom of Steel Award Winner: Jennifer Smith

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know Steel Magnolias just came back out to theaters to celebrate the 30th Anniversary. Such an iconic movie about friendships and motherhood.

Since we love moms here, we couldn’t think of a better way to honor one of our amazing moms on Mother’s Day then with a Mom of Steel Award. We put out a call to our awesome followers asking for nominations of a mom that displayed courage, support, love, and strength. We got so many great letters telling us all about those special moms in your life, but one entry stuck out. When we read Tanya Noble’s letter about her friend Jennifer Smith, of Vicksburg, we knew that Jennifer was the epitome of our Mom of Steel.

“Jennifer is the most extraordinary mother I know.  She has not only been a fabulous mom to her children, but also to mine.  Jennifer lost two sons, Tyler and Hadyn in a house fire. 

Most moms wouldn’t be able to go on.  Jennifer has continued to be a pillar of strength.  Her faith is unfounded.  She held my hand through birth announcements, miscarriage, deliveries, and death.  She has been a second mom to my two children and the best mom to her daughter Addyson that was born after losing the boys.  She is always there cheering on her daughter and everyone else’s children. 

I don’t have the words to describe her in a way for you to understand the type of mother she is.  I depend on her more than I should, and she never wavers.  When I read this post about moms of steel, I knew Jennifer would be the poster child for this.  I don’t know a stronger mother out there.  She is definitely someone I strive daily to be more like.” written by Tanya Noble.

We can’t even begin to imagine the strength a mother must have to have to lose not only one child but two and then continue to be a friend and supporter to those around her. Jennifer we are so honored for you to be named our first Magnolia Moms Mom of Steel. Let’s take a play from Jennifer’s playbook and support our fellow mom’s. Thank you Jennifer!

Emily Hunt

Emily is the founder and owner of Magnolia Moms. She and her husband Chris live in Madison, MS with their two little girls, Lila and Ella. Emily works full time in the Financial Services industry where she is driven by her passion to help women become more financially stable. She is an avid Mississippi State fan and can be found most weekends watching the Dawgs! She loves wine and unsweetened tea and could eat chips and salsa for most meals. Most importantly she loves sharing her stories and thoughts with all the fantastic Magnolia Moms readers.

  1. I know Jennifer and her family. It is just as Tanya wrote. She is truly a remarkable mother, wife and woman. She definitely deserved this honor.

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