4 Hot Fashion Trends for Winter

This winter the phrase traditional and elegant with a timeless touch captures the definition of the fashion trends that are returning to the store displays. I love these hot looks for winter and personally rock these looks myself.


Move over simple suede because fringe is taking on a whole new wave of luxury. A flare of fringe will make you to the talk of the town adding a hint of demure spice to your ensemble.

From sweaters to sequins to leather to chiffon to iridescent cuts creating an exaggerated sway on your threads, fringe is changing the laws for day or night! Let’s get into a fringy!

Check Print

Checks are checking in making this print a must have fashion staple. Mix and match with large lines or small; color patterns and all.

You’ll find this design dominating tailored blazers and trousers, but dare to don the print in skirts, tops, and suit sets. Turn the office into a runway!


What better time to add fur to your outfit than winter to cozy up in! Only this time around, it’s not just the shawl around your neck on a scarf or in a sophisticated draping lining the hood of a coat.

Fur is stepping out in style as it is added to shoes, purses, shirts and even earrings. Get in vogue with fur this winter. Be sassy; be snazzy!


Hot Pink

Who said winter was only about nudes and neutrals and blacks? We’re in the business of ignoring that pattern this winter and cranking up the temperature in our closets with the sexy, vivacious shade of hot pink.

Don’t be shy to rocking a hot pint pantsuit or coordinating a fuchsia mini dress with ankle boots. Let hot pink compliment your pieces. Abandon modesty and adopt being a lovely vixen as you step out in this sassy shade!

Step out of the norm this winter and rock these top trends!

Indeya Womack

Indeya Womack grew up in Utica and lived in Jackson while attending Tougaloo College where she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. After college, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she started a family and from that union came her bubbly, energetic two-year-old daughter, Zya. Indeya currently resides in Utica and now is a high school English teacher. When she is not chasing around her roadrunner, Zya, she is weaving a clever basket of words as she has a passion for writing and publishing fiction novels. She also has a hobby of eating because she thinks food is the best thing on earth and relishes in singing sultry tunes and declaring herself a DJ because of her undying love for music.

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