5 Staples for Fall Style!

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If you are a mom, you are too busy with getting the kids back-to-school in the first few weeks of fall to spend time worrying with fall fashion, but I’ve put together 5 simple items that can take any outfit to summer-to-fall and beyond! Most of these items you may even have stashed in your closet, but if you are in the market for a few new goodies, we have linked budget-friendly options for you below!

Staple #1 – The Utility Jacket

This item can be thrown on top of literally anything and change it from summer to fall! Because of the edgy details, it creates warmth but is lightweight enough to layer!

Top Left: Target jacket, $30; Bottom Left: Target jacket, $30; Right: Old Navy jacket, $25

Staple #2 – Fall Hat

I was weary of the hat thing because as someone with dark hair, every hat I tried reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West. Finally, I broke down and ordered a variety of different styles on Amazon and lo-and-behold, the right style hat can work beautifully! I encourage you to go to Walmart or Target and try a few various styles to find the right one for you. Also, I would recommend going with a tan, beige, blush or cognac tone.

Top: Leopard Belted Fedora, $20; Bottom Right: Amazon Fedora, $16; Bottom Left: Blush Fedora, $20

Staple #3 – Animal Print Accessory

We live in a day and time where face masks are now considered a fashion accessory and necessary to function in society. I have my leopard print mask on rotation and I’m surprised at how it pulls everything together. Same goes for any animal print accessory – scarf, belt, cardigan, or booties!

Face Mask: Zulily, pack of 2 $20; Booties, Walmart $15; Belt, JCrew $30; Cardigan, $20; Scarf J.Crew $30

Staple #4 – Ankle Booties

I love shoes more than the average female, so I am never upset by an excuse to purchase more shoes. Ankle booties that provide function and fashion are a true win-win! Go with a block heel for more comfort and a slight pointed toe for a sleek look.

Top Left: Express Booties; Top Right: Sam Edelman Booties; Bottom Right: Vince Camuto Booties; Bottom Left: DSW Booties

Staple #5 – Sweater Tank

In the South, where I live – we don’t experience fall temps until closer to Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to LOOK like I’m experiencing fall temps. That’s why I love the Sweater Tank. It gives off a vibe of cooler weather without me dying in the still 90 degree weather. Again, I recommend a neutral color to transition you into winter, too.

Old Navy Sweater Tank; Madewell Sweater Tank; Madewell Black Tank; Amazon The Drop Sweater Tank

What are you most excited for in the coming season?

Brandi' Starbuck

Brandi' Starbuck is a wife and a mom to her two greatest achievements, Mackenzie and Marshall. She moved to Mississippi a year ago not knowing a soul and within a year, she launched her own fashion-influencer marketing company combining her passion for shopping and inspiring women to connect with each other! Her happy place is Target with a Starbucks coffee or on the couch with her family with a glass of wine.

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