Finding Your Happy  – 25 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life

They say money makes the world go around. Indeed, this may be true, but I must stop and think about what really makes us happy. Do we ever really stop and look at the world around us? Do we really ever notice the little things or are we too busy worrying about the big things?  Have you ever thought about how our happiness brightens the world and turns it all just the same?

Have you ever noticed the innocent beam in a child’s eye from he’s running free and uninhibited, eager to explore life ahead?

Have you ever noticed the twinkle in a mother’s smile or the passion when lovers join?

Have you ever noticed the dance in a fellow’s step when his boss has told him he can take the rest of Friday off?

Have you ever noticed the femininity and fire of a woman when purchasing a new pair of high-heeled shoes?

Have you ever noticed how you felt when helping a friend in need with no expected return?

Have you ever noticed the warm laughter of families bonding?

Have you? How did it make you feel? Did you feel your attitude, your being changing?

In these small bursting moments, we find sprinkles of happiness, but let’s make those moments greater by housing our happiness permanently. Hope and determination will become a recycling bin of positive thoughts.

Here are 25 things that will help change your life:

  1. Indulgence – it’s okay.
  2. Be as curious as when you were a child.
  3. Remind yourself to smile at the person you see looking back at you in the mirror.
  4. Conquer your challenges in your mind and then find the courage to conquer them in reality.
  5. Don’t worry, Pray.
  6. Stop counting calories at every meal.
  7. Ride through the city at 2 A.M. while listening to your favorite song and take a look at the world as life sits still.
  8. Breathe.
  9. Set goals, but unleash unrealistic timelines on life.
  10. Make your plan B as good as your Plan A.
  11. Be a winner.
  12. Be understanding.
  13. Give genuine advice.
  14. Be gentle, but stay strong.
  15. Bask in your present.
  16. Never be ashamed of your beliefs, tastes or desires.
  17. Make time to spend with your tribe.
  18. Be graceful.
  19. Understand it is okay to need someone.
  20. Don’t be afraid to be sexy.
  21. Laugh, quite often. Every day.
  22. Sing out loud.
  23. And love harder.
  24. Be fearless and free in your walk.
  25. Be you, but only if it is absolutely true.

Don’t you see the world turning now? How happiness marvels gray skies? How laughter brings joy to pain? How does it feel to have a bounce in your step when you can relax from day-to-day woes when your happiness takes up residence in your life? Find happiness and the world keeps turning.





Indeya Womack

Indeya Womack grew up in Utica and lived in Jackson while attending Tougaloo College where she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. After college, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she started a family and from that union came her bubbly, energetic two-year-old daughter, Zya. Indeya currently resides in Utica and now is a high school English teacher. When she is not chasing around her roadrunner, Zya, she is weaving a clever basket of words as she has a passion for writing and publishing fiction novels. She also has a hobby of eating because she thinks food is the best thing on earth and relishes in singing sultry tunes and declaring herself a DJ because of her undying love for music.

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