Five Inside Activities for Kids

How are you fairing during our attempt to “flatten the curve?” Are you loving the slow days or feeling a little overwhelmed? I have to admit, I have experienced a little of both. We have embraced the recommendations of our nation’s officials and enjoyed the sunshiny days. We have had scavenger hunts, gone on bike rides, planted new flowers, gone fish’n and waved at as many neighbors as we could find! 

I find myself feeling my anxiety rising when I see rain in the forecast. Having four young kids, I have found that preparation is key. So, before the rain comes, gather your thoughts and supplies and let’s be prepared for isolation INSIDE our house.

#1. Cosmic Yoga

Let your kids MOVE without the stress of watching them run up and down and all over your furniture. They can become part of a story with the narrator and yogi instructor. Spiderman, Harry Potter, Frozen and Star Wars are all in our queue. No supplies needed.

#2. Plant Seedling

If you have seeds at home or happen to be close to a local garden center (carefully, wisely) pick up a pack of easy plants. We have planted zinnias, lettuce, morning glories, mint, propagated basil and rosemary.

Supplies needed: cardboard egg crate, seeds, soil.

Follow directions for planting, water, set up by a window and check your seedlings every day! As the pretty weather returns, transplant.

#3. Paint Something Bright!

If dreary weather brings dreary feelings, brighten your day. This activity may take some patience with your kiddos and with yourself, but it will be well worth it. Find some paper or a canvas and paint something that makes you happy! We are going to be painting butterflies and flowers this week.

#4. Write a Letter

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Let’s be the ones to start a trend! If we are isolated in our houses, let’s send joy to the ones we are missing. Have your children draw a picture and write or trace as many letters as they can. Little ones can use stickers. This doesn’t need to be too time consuming. Think of your special people and brighten their day!

#5. Coffee Date with…your Kids!

Find a simple snack and make coffee! Hopefully none of us will be running out anytime soon. Make sure this one is early in the morning or with decaf. 😉  This is always a treat at our house! Clear your schedule and enjoy getting to know your kids over a cup of joe.

As we all lean into these uncharted weeks ahead of us, don’t forget that we are all in this together. If you need encouragement, reach out. If you need ideas, come back to Magnolia Moms, google, or start a project! Our family will be marking off all of these activities over the next 24 hours and I hope you join us in one or two. Let us know if you try any of these inside activities!

Feature photo credit to Ashley Bosner. Other photos by Cindy McMullin.

Cindy McMullin

Cindy is from Jackson, MS. She is wife to Garrett and mom to Trace, Hastings, Betsy and Margaret. Cindy loves to read, work out, spend time outdoors, and paint. She and her family are big Mississippi State fans. Cindy loves trying new things, going to new places and learning what she can about almost any topic. She is a Realtor with David Ingram Real Estate. Cindy and Garrett love combining design and DIY to make their house their own. Watch them transform their home (and other’s) on their blog and Instagram, From Our Heart and Home.

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