Freezer Jam

Have you heard of freezer jam? It sounds like a new Tik Tok dance move. But it’s this delicious homemade magical spread that spends its time in your freezer until you’re ready to spread its sugary sinfulness onto something hot out of the oven.

I’ve been in the Turner family for almost 15 full years, and I am just now discovering this homemade gem. I almost feel betrayed that it took this long for my in-laws to let me in on the secret hidden in the freezer.

But if I were honest, years ago, I would have passed on this biscuit topper because it was full of “added sugar” and wouldn’t have “fit my macros.” Saying “no thank you” was more comfortable than feeling the guilt the rest of the day of “giving in” and not “staying on” my strict food plan.

I’m grateful God delayed my introduction to “freezer jam” to when my mind was more open to having food experiences without condemnation.

Our Aunt Fran made this scrumptious strawberry 🍓spread. And instead of fretting over the food choice, I gave thanks to God and her for this meal and time spent with family around the kitchen table.

This is my prayer for you and your relationship with food. I want you to enjoy good health, good food, and the good, good Lord.

Although I can’t share Aunt Fran’s recipe with you, I can share this yummy freezer jam from Graceful Little Honey Bee. I hope your family will enjoy this jam as much as our family does.

Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner is an author, registered dietitian, radio host, television presenter, and a girl mom. Through print, TV, and radio, she offers no-nonsense nutrition guidance, challenging the world’s view of wellness, and empowering mom to let go of superficial numbers that don’t define their salvation or self-worth. Sarcasm is her love language, and she refuses to live without chips, cheese, chardonnay and Jesus Christ. Find her on social media @RebeccaTurenrNutrition and online at

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