Six Outdoor Date Night Ideas

With the weather warming up and daylight lasting longer and you can only “Netflix and chill” so many times before you get bored with the same old routine. Since the date night ideas of dinner and a movie aren’t exactly feasible in 2020, it’s time to take things outside! Right now is a great time to get out before the humidity and mosquito ramp up and make life miserable.  Here are a few date night ideas to help you and your partner stay connected.

Park It

Start simple: picnic in the park. Getting food to go has never been easier and parks are finally starting to reopen. Grab some dinner, anything from upscale and pricey to cheap deli sandwiches, and find some green space. Take a blanket in case there isn’t a bench or picnic table to eat on. When you’re done (and have appropriately disposed of your trash) go for a stroll. Find a path, trail or sidewalk and wander around. Fresh air does a relationship good.

Couple snuggling on a park bench. Bother wearing jeans, a jacket, and matching tennis shoes. This is showing that a really easy, inexpensive date night idea is just enjoying each others company.

Get Sporty

If you and your partner are some of those gross “athletic” people, get out and play something one-on-one. Take whatever sports equipment you have on hand and go play a game. Find a basketball goal and play a game of HORSE or depending on how competitive you are, HIPPOPOTAMUS. Kick a soccer ball around. Visit the batting cages. Go to the driving range or tennis court. Just make sure that some fun competition doesn’t cause a date to turn sour.

Couple playing tennis together is a great way to help stay active and provide a little competition.

A Night Out In

Maybe you want a night in? Just take that “night in” out. Grilling some steaks and hanging by a fire pit make a great evening. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and have a tent, set up camp in the backyard. Project a movie on to the side of the house or watch on an iPad while you snuggle like little bunnies. 

Couple outside in a tent enjoying wine by lanterns. This romantic date night idea can happen right in your back yard.

Out in a Crowd

One day, there will be festivals again. And those make for excellent outdoor dates. Whether it’s a street market, craft fair, music festival or outdoor food competition, these events make for fabulous dates. Grab some food on a stick, try a little shopping or watch a band. The people-watching alone usually makes for a great time.

Day Tripper

If you’ve got all day and nothing to do, a day trip out of town is a great option. Try to keep your drive to under three hours so don’t spend all day in the car. Go visit a nearby college town and walk the campus. Or explore a state park that has lots of nature to explore. Wander around a different city or if it’s close enough, hit up the beach. And if nothing else, you and your partner will get lots of quality time in the car.

Couple having a picnic in the back of their SUV as a date night idea for an easy way to picnic.

Breaking and Entering

Now this last idea is a personal favorite of mine and my husband’s. We like to find neighborhoods with lots of new houses being constructed and roam the empty houses. For couples that don’t live together, this is a great way to get an idea of your partner’s housing tastes. Or just a fun way to mock some architectural choices. Just make sure to check out houses that are being built, not ones that are occupied. Going to jail is not a good way to end a date.

Ariel photo of framed house.

Katie Rogers

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